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Food waste change is happening, like it or not

I am appalled at the lack of acceptance by our Central Saanich residents

I am appalled at the lack of acceptance by our Central Saanich residents. It would seem any progress that could be made is shut down with noses in the air for no reason other than they don’t like change and there’s a big “not in my back yard” attitude.

Stanhope Farm and Foundation Organics have been very active in providing services that will, in time, be mandatory.

The CRD is phasing out food waste from the Hartland Landfill. This is a change that is happening, like it or not.

Food waste is collected on the farm and is composted, in a few months, to create nutrient rich soil.

This is waste from large facilities such as grocery stores, restaurants and even cruise ships. Ever think of how much food waste comes from such places and where it ends up?

Some residents have complained of noise and smell ... hello? This is a farm. Noise and smells are a part of farming.

Personally I have spent time in the area and between the smell of the horses and the pigs and other animals, who can tell the difference?

Actually, I can’t smell much of anything coming from their state of the art, modern facility with proper filters, etc.

As for the noise, I couldn’t hear it over the highway noise and air traffic.

I read today that their attempts of yet again, being environmentally ahead of the times, by using aquamation to process deceased pets so that the bodies can be put to some future use, and their bones ground up similar to ashes for pet owners, has been shot down as well.

This seems like a bunch of hogwash to me. People need to stop complaining about things and look at the good that can be done, the environment that can be helped and the future of our land.

These methods of disposal are the way of the future and I applaud these pro-active business people for their ability to see a future in them.

We need to learn to move forward and not hold our landowners back.

Educate yourselves, I have been, and I find it all quite fascinating.

Christine Duffield