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LETTER: Homeowners charged to clear debris from Saanich trees

(Black Press Media file photo)

We are property owners in Saanich. On our boulevard there are a number of large cedar trees that belong to Saanich. These trees continually drop their foliage, cones, seeds and branches which cover our yard, the boulevard and the street. We continually clean up this debris and have been doing so for over 34 years.

In the fall it is almost a daily chore. After our many windstorms, we also rake up and fill the back of our small pickup truck with anywhere from three to 10 bags of debris. We do this for free and have never charged a fee to Saanich for cleaning up their trees. We then take these bags to the Saanich yard – our labour, our gas.

Now Saanich wants to charge us to get rid of their debris. I have read that property taxes are going up 7.9%. Water rates are set to go up 6.13%, sewer rates up by 4.25% and garbage collection rates up 7.89%. How much more can Saanich property owners afford?

Saanich needs to look at this policy again or provide those of us looking after their trees with multiple free green bins. We would then be more than happy to continue to be responsible property owners and continue to provide our free labour.

Val and Murray Smith