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LETTER: Name change erases contribution of man who made campground possible

I read the story about the name change of the McDonald Campground to SMONECTEN with some degree of sadness.

I fully appreciate the efforts being made towards reconciliation and have no quarrel with what has been done but what about co-recognition that McDonald Park Campground, which I love including in my walks, would not exist were it not for the donation of Alexander McDonald in 1945.

His generosity coupled with pragmatism saved that 20 hectares from developers, and had he not done so I could easily see 40 homes or perhaps a condo or two on the site.

While renaming this property may be the correct action to take, surely there has to be some inclusion in its name for the man who made it possible to preserve it so it could be enjoyed for over half a century by so many Canadians.

Alex Currie

North Saanich