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LETTER: Stop fossil fuel use in new homes


I recently signed a petition that asks local property developers and the District of Sooke to stop using fossil fuel appliances in new homes.

The petition asks that the provincial building code be used now to reduce emissions from gas appliances in all new homes constructed. The benefits are shown to improve families’ health, particularly young children, using electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Reducing emissions from gas appliances comes from years of evidence-based medical research. The research documents health issues, including increased rates of asthma and carcinogenic chemical exposure.

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Many new homes are adding secondary suites to help with mortgage payments. The families who rent these smaller living spaces have no choice but to use gas once installed and to be exposed to the effects of pollution.

Our community strives to keep all residents safe. We invest in the latest firefighting equipment and fund 24-hour policing. We also need to build homes that have secure, pollution-free air.

In 2030, this provincial building code will be mandatory. Why wait? Many towns and cities in the Capital Regional District and across the province have already moved to require this code in their communities. They are acting now to build new homes with lower emissions and healthy indoor air.

William Wallace