LETTER: Subdivision of Boys and Girls Club land questioned

I remember when Crown land in Metchosin, 98 acres of prime forest, meadow, and pond, was turned over to the Boys and Girls Club for outdoor adventure programs for youth at risk. Who could argue with such a noble cause? Support from all levels of government and private and corporate donors has poured in over the years.

Now the Boys and Girls Club is applying to subdivide its land. Metchosin Mayor John Ranns reports that this would be a legal subdivision. I am so sorry that there isn’t a restrictive covenant on this property. I guess no one would have foreseen a change of plan or purpose.

Does the Boys and Girls Club owe the public an explanation for what’s going on? What happens when a non-profit accepts financial support for a particular purpose and then changes its intent?

Sorry children. Boys and Girls Club Metchosin Camp has changed its priorities. Now they want to help homeless people and drug addicts.

I know that you would have enjoyed the 98 acres of forest, ponds, and fields. You would have learned to respect and value nature.

The outdoor experience would be perfect for you in COVID times when you are at risk doing indoor group activities. Maybe you can experience nature virtually, like everything else. It’s time to go home now boys and girls. You lose.

Bev Bacon