LNG not the path to economic prosperity

Re: Weaver taking aim at natural gas exports (Letters, June 19)

Re: Weaver taking aim at natural gas exports (Letters, June 19)

While the writer of the letter seems to have some knowledge of Andrew Weaver, he states that LNG is “the cleanest of fossil fuels” and has potential for “massive” export-earnings and “significant long-term employment opportunities.”

As we are observing right now in southern B.C. and Alberta, the only potential earnings to be had from significant weather events is in the repair trades, as people need to do massive renovations on their homes and vehicles and properties caused by flooding.

Such severe weather events are caused by global warming caused by the extraction and processing of fracked gas into LNG, and its subsequent use as a source of energy, along with the continued extraction of bitumen and coal.

In my opinion, to count on the LNG plants to get B.C.’s economy out of the red is the most dangerous course to follow. More employment can be derived from developing solar, wind, tide and geothermal sources of energy than to continue along a course based on hoped-for riches.

Even Australia is having a second look at its coal exports, and recognizing that the damage that is being done by feeding CO2 emissions is more harmful in the long run than leaving the coal in the ground.

If Andrew Weaver is able to help all our MLAs understand the long-term consequences of following Christy Clark’s “pie-in-the-sky” economic plan, then perhaps our legislators will consider other more helpful ways to stimulate B.C.’s economy.

Carolyn Herbert