Not all have easy access to YMCA

Re: Construction set to start on Langford YMCA, (News, Jan. 24)

Re: Construction set to start on Langford YMCA, (News, Jan. 24)

Langford Mayor Stew Young is quoted as saying:  “We have the youngest demographics in the whole region.  We can’t build facilities just for the elite and seniors, we are building recreation facilities for everyone.”

After reading this, I am tempted to finish his last sentence with the word “else” (for everyone else).

But then it still doesn’t add up. Youngsters in north Langford are now separated by an eight-foot high fence-to-nowhere on the median of the Trans-Canada Highway from the new aquatic centre.

As for the north Langford seniors, well, without a pedestrian overpass across TCH why even bother catering to them on the south side of the highway?

In the Gazette on Jan. 22 you published a letter from a north Langford reader (Fences mask bigger issues). Right in the middle of this letter, it says about the TCH: “however, if there were actual concern for public safety, they would build the [pedestrian] overpass, not the fencing.”

This sure expressed the opinions of many (if not most) people who live in north Langford.

Meanwhile, we all (yes, even the elite) patiently wait for the next economic bubble to arrive (before bursting).

Axel Brock-Miller