RCMP budget worrisome for Esquimalt residents

What will happen to township's financial plan if RCMP takes over policing in Esquimalt, reader asks

Many residents are very unhappy with the Esquimalt Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Panel’s decision to invite the RCMP to police the township.

Yes, there are some problems with the Victoria Police Department, but it is not the policing on our streets. The police are friendly, helpful and readily available. The problem is the governance of the policing between the City of Victoria and Esquimalt. Surely this can be resolved and we can reach a satisfactory agreement.

Also, Esquimalt’s budget is impacted by that of VicPD, which would be different with the RCMP.

B.C. municipalities using RCMP services are concerned with the new RCMP budget. Where does the policing advisory panel stand on this?

At a public meeting of the panel on May 9 at 5 p.m. in Esquimalt council chambers, residents can voice concerns about the policing decision.

If you cannot attend the meeting, email comments to the mayor and council at council@esquimalt.ca and the Esquimalt Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Panel at diane.knight@esquimalt.ca.

Muriel Dunn