Rules of the road not just for drivers

Pedestrians also need to be visible in crosswalks, too

Re: Invisibility cloaks can stay at home (Our View, Oct. 16)

A couple of Sundays ago – in the pouring rain – I was heading north on Foul Bay Road about to turn on Haultain Street, suddenly I saw a woman in the crosswalk – she had neglected to push the warning light button – and was wearing a dark green raincoat with hood up and dark maroon pants. I couldn’t safely stop for her.

I drove to my home nearby and was getting out of my car when an angry voice started yelling (scared me badly) that I hadn’t stopped for her in the crosswalk!

After an exchange of words, she left in a huff and said she was calling the police on me. I was very glad to see her go.

A while later, Oak Bay police phoned to hear my side of the story. They had already told her she was at fault for not activating the walk signal.

All I can say is: Wear bright clothes when it is raining and learn the rules of the road (and sidewalk).

Allen Jensen

Oak Bay