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Stubbornness on highway can be dangerous

Adhering to the rules of road sometimes goes out the window

Re: Law-abiding drivers have right to use left (Letters, June 13)

Mr. Brunt’s letter expounding the right of people who are driving the speed limit to remain in the left lane because, “We never have the right – ever – to exceed the speed limit,” caught my eye.

Several years ago, having been released from hospital two days previously, I was feeling increasingly unwell. My wife went to the neighbour, a retired doctor, who diagnosed me as being in septic shock. He told her not to wait for the ambulance, but to get me to the hospital as soon as possible. She did. I’m still here.

I sincerely hope that anyone dealing with a serious medical emergency is not thwarted by some arrogant, stubborn fool who refuses to yield the left lane.

Lorne Newson