Support for disabled urgently needed

Re: Support needed for disabled grey wave (Our View, April 5)

Re: Support needed for disabled grey wave (Our View, April 5)

As the sole parent to a young person with Down syndrome, I concur with the sentiments and concerns raised regarding the urgent issue of support services needed to provide quality care to our “beloved forevers.”

Along with raising my child, I have also been employed with agencies, including the Garth Homer Society, to better understand the current and future needs for all of us as we age.

What emerges: admiration for those who have dedicated their lives to assisting others lead a good life right along the life-span; frustration at the lack of awareness of needs; and the funding necessary to ensure that families, whatever “age” they are at, continue to receive supports and services.

I have fears for an uncertain future, coupled with chronic daily stresses related to ongoing bio-psycho-social needs that both my child and I require.

Thank you for highlighting, in a respectful way, the challenges faced by those who, by birth, or accident, experience “other.”

As it is, I remain committed to maintaining and improving the motto, “Good lives in welcoming communities.”

Ann Auld