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Veracity of scientists’ opinion doubted

Reader second-guesses statements doubting starfish plight is due to Fukushima radiation, let alone other factors

Re: Starfish on the decline (News, Jan. 17)

Paula Romagosa is a marine biologist and curator of Sidney’s Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, a commercial enterprise with no governmental duty of accountability to taxpayers, so her opinion as to what is causing the ‘mysterious mass starfish deaths along the Pacific coastline’ may be interesting, but it is simply one scientist’s opinion.

According to staff writers Peter Rusland and Kyle Wells, ‘Romagosa doubted the starfish crisis was sparked by Pacific radiation from the meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant.’

I am not scientific but I am a trained historian (BA, University of San Francisco), and it seems highly unlikely that this alarming ‘starfish wasting syndrome’ is not being caused by a toxic brew of Fukushima radiation and the constant aerial chem spraying of aluminum, barium and strontium nanoparticulates – called ‘geo-engineering’ or ‘solar radiation management’ producing global dimming – which has been easily visible from our Rockland balcony for a number of years.

I look forward to seeing how reporters Rusland and Wells follow this very important story in the coming months, and hope that government scientists in all jurisdictions will be held accountable by their diligence.

Gregory Hartnell