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Who is being ‘two-headed’ here?

Re: Canada’s two-headed climate policy ( Our View, April 28)

Re: Canada’s two-headed climate policy (Our View, April 28)

Thanks to the author for succinctly highlighting our federal government’s schizophrenic and hypocritical policy toward global warming.

The stance of Ottawa makes Canada, at the least, a less than credible voice on the issue in international negotiations, a laughing stock at worst.

I am unaware of whose view Our View represents, but I wonder why their scrutiny has not been focused on B.C. It seems we could easily substitute “B.C.” for “Canada,” “NDP” for “Liberal” and “Coastal GasLink Pipeline” for “Trans Mountain Pipeline” (except for buying it, as Trudeau did for the TMP).

Did not John Horgan and the NDP aggressively promote the Coastal GasLink Pipeline, whose purpose is to sell Canadian natural gas to Asia? ( including using financial incentives). Did not the NDP’s Natural Resources Minister Katrine Conroy flog the same cockamamie anti-logic of using taxes from selling said gas to fight climate change as Ottawa? Aren’t the platitudes from the NDP about fighting global warming just as hypocritical as those of Trudeau’s Liberals?

Why does Our View not mention any of this? I look to this publication, or any, for a balanced perspective ( even in an OpEd), or are Horgan and the NDP just simply sacrosanct here on the Left Coast?

Who is being “two-headed” here?

Jeffrey Reid


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