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Speed draws skaters to the ice

Esquimalt speedskaters hope to make a splash at the Winter Games
Kelly Cayford

Some come because they saw it in the Olympics. Some because their parents and grandparents do it, too. And some take up speedskating because they’re looking for something new.

All of them get hooked to the speed.

“I love going really fast,” said Kelly Cayford, a 14-year-old from the Esquimalt Speedskating Club.

Cayford’s been skating with Esquimalt for four years and is one of three members, along with 16-year-olds Ben Weir and Cameron Nawosad, who are going to the B.C. Winter Games in Vernon, Feb. 23 to 26.

They’ll compete in the 400- and 1,500-metre races.

Esquimalt speedskating vice-president Ian Weir and club member Janet Cayford will join the team in a coaching role.


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