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Sprint cars battle for Strawberry Cup

Western Speedway will also see drag racing this weekend

Sprint cars return to Western Speedway this weekend for the annual Strawberry Cup on Friday and Saturday.

Racing starts at 6:30 both days.

On Sunday, the track hosts the South Island Straight Liners Racing Association Drags. Races run from 2:30 to 9 p.m.

Last weekend’s results:

Demo Cars and Truck classes

Demo Car fast time: Doug Richens, 21:258.

Demo Trucks fast time: Kenny Baker, 20:835.

Demo Cars trophy dash: Doug Richens, Joe Liberatore, Cody Young and Tyler Clough.

Demo Trucks trophy dash: Kenny Baker, Billy Stidston, Gerry Bernard and Jeremy Woodruff.

Demo Cars heat race: Doug Richens, Craig Holfeld, Tyler Clough and Cody Young.

Demo Cars and Demo Trucks heat races: Kenny Baker, Brandon Young, George Haywood and Shawn Young.

Demo Cars and Demo Trucks trophy dash: George Haywood, Doug Richens, Joe Liberatore and Kenny Baker.

Bombers Car class

Fast time: Tristan Gait, 19:558.

Trophy dash: Phil Lagan, Brian Baltis, Aaron Cameron and Tristan Gait.

First heat race: Daniel David, Tony Kambo, Bill Gallacher Jr. and Mike Whitley.

Second heat race: Sean Whitley, Aaron Camero, Phil Lagan and Bill Gallacher Sr.

Main event: Aaron Cameron, Sean Whitley. Bill Gallacher Sr., Bill Gallacher Jr., Mike Whitley, Phil Lagan, Jarred Soberg and Dylan Ross.

Mini Figure 8 class

Fast Time: Brandon Young, 13:079.

Trophy dash: Alex Carey, Kail Beck, Daryn Cahill and Brandon Young.

First heat race: Bill Gallacher, Kevin Knight, Tanner Jacobs and Cody Donerty.

Second heat race: Daryn Cahill, Sean Robinson and Kail Beck.


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