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Don’t feed the wildlife: B.C. city urges animal-smart behaviour

Residents reminded to harvest fruits, nuts, vegetables and keep attractants secured
Residents are urged to not feed wildlife, or leave garbage or food out for them to access. (Jennifer Smith - Morning Star)

With wildlife sightings on the upswing in some communities, B.C. residents are urged to do their part to protect them.

Among those urging is the City of Vernon, which is reminding residents and visitors that feeding wildlife is prohibited.

The Animal Regulation and Animal Pound Bylaw #5252 and Solid Waste Management Bylaw #5911 prohibit a person from feeding or attempting to feed any wildlife or placing an attractant that could attract wildlife to a property.

Therefore, property owners must ensure:

• Any fruit or nuts from a tree, bush or shrub is maintained and stored in such a manner so as not to attract wildlife;

• Any bird feeder containing bird feed, suet or nectar is suspended on a cable or other device in such a manner that it is inaccessible to wildlife; and the area below any bird feeding devices or activity is kept free of accumulations of seeds and similar attractant;

• Any composting activity is carried out and any composting device or equipment is maintained in such a manner that it is inaccessible to wildlife;

• Household waste carts are stored properly and maintained in a clean condition that does not attract wildlife and lids remain closed;

• Barbecue equipment and tools that remain outside must be clean and free of residual food or grease;

• Any refrigerator, freezer, storage container or similar appliance, device or apparatus that contains attractants of any type, if placed or located outdoors, is located and equipped in such a manner that it is inaccessible to wildlife; and

• Any grease, antifreeze, paint or petroleum product is stored in such a manner that it is inaccessible to wildlife.

These regulations were developed to reduce unintended negative consequences to wildlife, reduce damage to private property by animals, and reduce the potential for human-wildlife conflict.

Similar regulations are in place and behaviour encouraged in many parts of the province.

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