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Our Place shines with contest winning sign

Local charity wins $7,000 marquee from Urban Sign

Although many people have heard about Our Place and the work it does for the most vulnerable of Victoria, fewer people know exactly where the unique community centre is located. That’s all changed as Our Place installed a large, LED-lit marquee sign above its main entrance this week.

And best of all, the sign is free.

In December, local sign company Urban Sign ran a contest to give away $10,000 worth of signage to a local business or charity.

“The timing was perfect,” said Grant McKenzie, director of communications at Our Place.

“We had been looking into new signage to bolster our presence in the community, but we didn’t have any room in our budget as our first priority is always the homeless and poor of the region. When I saw Urban Sign’s contest, I knew this was the answer.”

Urban Sign has an impressive portfolio of making local businesses stand out, and owner Jeff Furneaux was excited to offer the same opportunity to smaller organizations through this contest held on Facebook.

“Our Place really wanted this sign,” laughed Furneaux. “It was the first organization to sign up, and their supporters rallied to make sure they took first place. It’s an exciting project for us, and I can’t wait for the community to see what an incredible difference it will make to the organization’s visibility on Pandora Avenue.”

Urban Sign installed the new marquee above the main entrance at 919 Pandora Ave. on Wednesday. Second prize in the contest was $2,500 worth of signage, won by Lifetime Networks, while Cherry Bomb Toys took third place for $500 of signage.