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Walkers clear trash from picturesque Oak Bay park

Anderson Hill popular for its views and trails, not trash
It took several walkers through Anderson Hill Park on Saturday morning to clean up a huge mess left by park users. (Christina Johnson-Dean photo)

Neighbours of Anderson Hill Park spent Saturday clearing up a particularly large mess.

Oak Bay residents near, or visiting, the nearly three-hectare park routinely pick up after those less wary of leaving trash about.

But Oct. 3 was a particularly large mess, and it took several walkers to clean up a huge mess left by partygoers - cans, bottles, candy, multiple wrappers, bags, plastic containers, cigarette butts and a ballet slipper, neighbours note.

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Just last month the Greater Victoria Green Team visited the park, home to rocky outcrops and a Garry oak ecosystem, to clear out invasive plants.

On Wednesday, 20 volunteers with Schneider Electric will descend and plant Garry oak seedlings, Cascara and camas and chocolate lily.

The park is popular with walkers for its views, benches, and trails where dogs are allowed on leash at any time.

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