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Island-grown success story: A great idea brings Ears to You

Convenient, quality hearing care model growing quickly beyond Vancouver Island
Ears to You has expanded to the Lower Mainland, into Calgary, and is currently in talks to bring Ears to You to Edmonton, Saskatoon and northern Ontario by 2024.

What makes a great business idea? It’s a combination of the right time and right place, with a generous dash of innovation, all rooted in customer service and quality.

It’s a winning combination for Jeff Campbell, whose mobile hearing healthcare company Ears To You has quickly established its Island roots, and is blossoming into something much larger.

Today, Ears to You is all across the Lower Mainland, into Calgary and is currently in talks to bring Ears to You to Edmonton, Saskatoon and northern Ontario by 2024.

“I’ve always had big dreams for the company but these past few years things have really taken off and I couldn’t be prouder of the company or our team,” Campbell says. “We’re really making waves in the industry, making a difference in our communities and we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon!”

When Campbell says he has big dreams for the company, he isn’t joking. “Our goal is to be Canada’s No. 1 choice in hearing healthcare, specifically mobilized hearing healthcare, and I think we’re well on our way to achieving that goal.”

A modern approach to hearing care

Campbell compares the business to Netflix taking on the old-school video stores – Ears to You is modernizing the brick-and-mortar hearing clinic model by mobilizing clinics and bringing hearing tests right to their patients’ front doors.

“Hearing plays a vital role in an individual’s mental health, self-esteem and independence. Because of that, hearing tests should be easily accessible to everyone,” Campbell says.

The mobile clinics visit senior centres, job sites, private residences – just about anywhere and everywhere they’re needed.

“There’s no need to rearrange your schedule, figure out transportation or worry about doing it all over again for follow-up appointments. We come to you and we’ll keep coming back as often as you need us to,” he says.

What’s the secret to Ears to You’s success?

“Hard work, dedication and providing our patients with exceptional care and customer service,” Campbell says, pointing to their five-star Google Reviews. “Our team has earned every single one by providing the very best in patient experience and care. Providing communities with better, more convenient care has always been the goal and we’re committed to maintaining that level of exceptional care for every patient we see.”

Book your next appointment with the gold-star hearing experts at Ears To You online here or by phone at 250-619-5746. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news as they continue to expand their services across the country.

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