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Another malicious email sent to students and staff at University of Moncton

Another malicious email sent to NB university

MONCTON, N.B. — The University of Moncton says a 10th malicious email was sent to the school community from the same source that has been targeting a female student for more than a week.

The school said in a statement Sunday that another email was circulated Saturday night and then promptly deleted by the university's IT department.

The series of mass emails, some of which contained naked photos of a female student and a threat toward the university, started arriving last Saturday.

The university said it will not be commenting further as school officials work with experts and law enforcement to stop what it calls the "degrading" campaign.

University president Raymond Theberge has called the attacks cyberterrorism, but said the school won't shut down its email server because that would let the perpetrator win.

RCMP said last week that it had interviewed the woman who was targeted and has identified a possible suspect, but no arrests have been made.


The Canadian Press