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‘Brutal’: Amazon called out after driver parks way up on Victoria sidewalk

The corporate giant has apologized and says it’s looking into the matter
An Amazon delivery vehicle was spotted parked up on a sidewalk in Victoria. (@nellen55 photo)

Cyclists and pedestrians called out giant conglomerate Amazon on Monday after photos were posted on social media showing one of their delivery trucks blocking an entire sidewalk in Victoria.

The photos show the truck parked way up on a sidewalk in a residential neighbourhood, with the vehicle on top of a thick yellow line.

“Really, @amazon ? block a driveway, or even a road, but not a (expletive deleted) sidewalk,” @nellen55 tweeted on Monday morning. “Walkers and rollers already have so little. #CarsRuinCities #yyj #TheWarOnCars.”

Amazon has been criticized in the part for implementing crammed delivery schedules that force their drivers to rush. The same criticism has been levelled at drivers rushing around to deliver for food apps.

The photos brought a flurry of responses condemning Amazon.

“Brutal,” tweeted @chevysnbevvies.

“Is it policy that your trucks in Victoria use bike lanes and sidewalks as parking spots. See it everyday….,” tweeted @dhboyd211. “This is only one of the many problems caused by the activities of Amazon that are so detrimental to our neighbourhoods.”

Amazon did respond to the tweets on its official account.

“We’re sorry to hear this,” Amazon tweeted in response, adding a link for people to file a formal complaint.

Victoria cyclists have tweeted about a number of incidents in which bike lanes have been blocked by vehicles - including one in which a driver wandered into the middle of two bike lanes.

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