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PHOTOS: Langford murder victim remembered as ‘vibrant and vivacious’ at candlelight vigil

Family says domestic violence at play in Kerri Weber’s death

Kerri Weber lived her life with passion. She loved her two children, Prairie, 25, and Logan, 27, and wanted to lend a helping hand whenever she could.

A couple dozen people braved a windy, cold night Friday to attend a candlelight vigil and hear more about the 55-year-old woman, who was found unresponsive in her Langford home on Nov. 5.

After a deep breath, Karen Reilly, Kerri’s sister-in-law, told the small crowd, “yes, there was domestic violence.”

“There was an event not long after they were married, which changed the dynamic of the relationship and she became more caregiver than wife,” Reilly said, adding she knew Kerri was not happy. “She expressed plans to me to leave the marriage if things did not improve. We think this is what may have happened last Thursday.”

The vigil gathered outside the Webers’ home in the 1200-block of McLeod Place. Kerri’s husband, Kenneth Weber, has been charged with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear in Western Communities courthouse on Nov. 19 to face the charge.

Reilly read messages from Kerri’s children, who are in currently in Ontario and Quebec and were expected to come to the Island soon to make final arrangements for their mother.

Kerri Weber is being remembered as a vibrant and vivacious person by those who love her. (Kerri Weber/Facebook)

“To see how loved our mother was here in Victoria brings us comfort during this extremely difficult time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you,” read the children’s statement.

Prairie described her mother as a beautiful person inside and out. Kerri had always wanted to live in B.C., where she felt “most at home,” according to her daughter. “I am thankful I got to spend time with her here and see the beautiful gardens she always dreamed of. She loved watching all the birds, butterflies and the family of flickers she fed,” read her statement.

Both children found comfort in knowing Kerri was with her chihuahua named Alexis Babydog, who was also found dead in the home.

According to Reilly, Kerri and those close to her called the dog ‘Freaky.’ “[Freaky] was a real oddball dog and she was just so bizarre. She didn’t like men at all and she only would respond to Kerri,” said Reilly.

Kerri and Kenneth had been married for about a year before her death.

Sam Paterson, Kerri’s nephew, said he was supposed to meet up with her in a couple of weeks to talk about some of the troubles the couple were having.

“[When I found out] I thought this can’t be real,” Paterson said.

Christopher White, who lives two doors from the Webers, helped organize the vigil to bring the community together. He described Kerri as a “beacon” in the neighbourhood, though she only lived there a year. Inspired to spend more time in his garden after seeing the work Kerri put into hers, White sang a song at the vigil titled You’ll Never Be Alone.

“Abuse in homes need to stop,” he said. “Every time I saw them walking the dog or outdoors on the Goose or at the shops, the smile was there with her and it was great to see, but there was something hidden.”

Attendees heard about Kerri’s strong personality, that she loved a good debate and talking about conspiracy theories and politics. She was independent and not afraid to speak her mind.

Reilly told the crowd Kerri had recently been taking courses on public administration, Indigenous peoples in Canada and administrative law, and had taken up yoga to “help with some of her frustrations.”

“If there’s a takeaway from this, please check in with people, especially loved ones and friends, and especially with the pandemic and mental health issues. And don’t leave an abusive relationship on your own – seek help. Talk to somebody, anybody,” Reilly said.

“Carrie will be deeply missed by those who knew her. She had a vibrant, vivacious personality and made friends easily. Her smile lit up her room. We love you, Kerri. And we’ll miss you always.”