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Colwood cleans up bags of medication that washed up on Lagoon Beach

City contacted West Shore Health Unit for safe disposal, potential identification of medication
Several garbage bags filled with medication was cleared up by City of Colwood parks staff on Monday morning. (Courtesy of City of Colwood)

Several garbage bags worth of medication that had washed up on Lagoon Beach Monday morning were cleared up by Colwood park staff.

The pills were strewn along the beach, stretching from near the public washroom to the southern end of Ocean Boulevard, according to Sandra Russell, spokesperson for the City of Colwood.

Russell said the city was notified through its residents’ community page, and parks staff went to the beach Monday morning to clean up the pills.

The city doesn’t know the type of medication or where it came from, but Russell said they’ve put a call out to the West Shore Health Unit asking them if they can assist with the safe disposal of the medication, and have also asked the unit if they’re interested in helping identify the pills.

In a Facebook post, the city urged residents to use caution in the area with children and pets “in the event that a stray pill may remain.”

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