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Court won't overturn May's exclusion from televised debate

It looks like Saanich-Gulf Islands candidate – and federal Green Party leader – Elizabeth May will not be taking part in this year's televised leadership debates.

Early last week, the Greens learned their leader was not invited by a consortium of TV broadcasters to participate in two debates (set for April 12 and 14). On Tuesday, the party challenged that ruling in the Federal Court of Appeal but a judge decided against hearing the judicial review.

“It is deeply disturbing for democracy that the consortium argued that the other leaders might not participate in a debate if I am included, and raised the spectre that there would be no debate at all if the Green Party was there,” May said.

The leader fought to be included in the 2008 debate, which she was after significant public backlash about her exclusion. The Greens are asking the federal party leaders who were asked to participate to boycott the debates.

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