Drivers ignoring signs in West Shore work zones

Flagpersons getting concerned at number of drivers disobeying signs on highway 1 and elsewhere

West Shore RCMP are asking drivers to slow down in construction zones and obey any and all directions from flag people.

The detachment has fielded complaints from flag people who say drivers are speeding, distracted and not paying attention to their directions.

“Please respect the signage, please respect the direction of the flag people, go through those zones in a controlled, slow manner,” said RCMP spokesperson Const. Kathy Rochlitz. “As the driver, make eye contact with the flag person so you both know that you’re communicating about the same thing.”

Areas of particular concern are the roadwork at Metchosin and Latoria roads and the work zones on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Traffic fines are $196 for disobeying a flag person, and between $196 and $253 for disobeying construction signs.

“We’d rather just have the public obey the law,” Rochlitz said.