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Action needed to protect animals

Since 1999 hundreds of concerned Canadians have lobbied Ottawa in an unsuccessful effort to change the animal cruelty section of the Criminal Code, as well as the B.C. government to increase funding to the SPCA.

Every day helpless animals are subjected to horrific cruelty. Particularly dreadful instances, such as the Whistler sled-dog slaughter, capture the media and public attention for a few days but our outrage cools and we return to life as normal. Much animal abuse, if reported, rarely results in charges being laid or, if it gets to court, usually results in a slap on the wrist.

As the bill stands at the moment there is no protection for strays; no acknowledgement that animals are sentient creatures capable of feeling pain and fear.

Despite the BC SPCA, being the only animal welfare organization mandated by the government to enforce animal cruelty laws, it is not funded for the costs of carrying out that mandate and bringing offenders to court. I would certainly prefer my tax dollars be used to cover costs to prosecute animal offenders rather than making life easier for Basi and Virk.

Val McWilliams