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Concern about food prompts more research

Taking a little more time to check labels can pay off

Re: Buying food from China not the healthiest idea (Letters, Aug. 2)

I love food and I cook all the time. I am conscious of what I buy and read the label closely for every item I buy.

When I look at other people shopping in the grocery store, and their carts are full of complete junk, like Wagon Wheels or pure white bread and a bottle of Coke, I ask myself, why are they feeding themselves or their families this stuff? Don’t they look at the labels closely like I do and don’t these artificial colours or preservatives mean anything to them?

“Product of China” is a very common label on some grocery items. Just the other day, I went to pick up a box of peach fruit cups and on the side of the box it said, “Product of China.” When I read this, I placed it back on the shelf and did not buy it.

I hope more people read labels, so we don’t feed our children just anything. Ms. Nattrass’ article inspired me to go ahead and do more research, such as this article, at

Kathy Kegalj