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Environmental fixes needed over personal agendas

Re: CRD directors demand declaration of climate emergency ( Online , Jan. 14)

Re: CRD directors demand declaration of climate emergency (Online, Jan. 14)

Sooke Mayor Maya Tait has joined Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and Saanich Coun. Ned Taylor in calling for the declaration of a climate emergency in the CRD.

How then will Tait justify the unrestrained residential growth in Sooke, committed under her watch? Growth that saw mountain sides blasted to smithereens and old stands of forests whacked down to build huge homes. Growth that has led to hundreds of daily commuters hunkered down in their vehicles, making the carbon-spewing trip from Sooke into the city and back again.

In Victoria meanwhile, the aim is to draw tourists, who arrive in gigantic cruise ships that do much harm to oceans, not to mention tourists’ desire to chase down distraught, hurting orcas. Is that not an emergency? Visitors also arrive by plane, with air travel having a huge carbon footprint.

Saanich meanwhile is party to the destruction of creeks and land around the McKenzie Interchange, an all-out assault on the environment.

Yes, we are killing our planet and need to do something. But I hope politicians will be honest and address all of the threats, not the few that fit their personal agendas.

Shannon Moneo


Kevin Laird

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