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LETTER: Canada needs to get spending under control

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These days what concerns me and others is who to vote for in the upcoming federal election.

We all know that something is going wrong with our system. The government is raising taxes, life is getting more expensive. The people who manage our money are spending billions of dollars on things that the money shouldn’t be spent on, especially considering how big our national debt is.

Before we start spending non-existent money, the priorities should be questioned thoroughly. The census should be done every year and it should be published. We can’t share non-existing money with others. It doesn’t make any sense for taxpayers.

These days I believe that the people of Canada should have something to say about our spending, not the government. If the government is going to raise our cost of living because they like to give away our non-existent money to others, I won’t vote for that party. The party that comes up with a plan to keep money and non-existing money in Canada, we all will vote for it. We can’t take it from taxpayers to give it to others if we are in debt. After all, Canada first.

Stefan Mieczkowski