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LETTER: Convenience is killing Canadians

Health care as we know it is treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Health care as we know it is treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Morbidity rates have grown astronomical in recent decades, much of it due to poor diets and lack of exercise even though mortality rates have dropped due to massive amounts of pharmacare and medical technology. Big pharma really thrives on morbidity.

Convenience is killing people, whether it’s the TV remote or the automatic door at the supermarket. No amount of money thrown at health care can tackle a situation which continues to treat symptoms instead of causes.

Chlorestoral is not only found in the veins of the population, it is also found in the way governments work.

Health care workers are now recognized as having one of the highest stress levels in the workplace. This was already the case before COVID, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Some suggestions:

A two-tier system that allows private care with public care. While Canadians have grown used to the out-of-date health act fairytale that government will look after your health, the fact is two-tier has been successful in other countries.

A really big one is dealing with morbidity through education on proper diet and exercise. It’s a long known fact that big food as it’s now known is full of chemicals with very few nutrients. This involves not only how it is processed but also how it is grown using massive amounts of chemicals and fertilizer that sterilizes the earth. Healthy soil is the base of all life on the planet.

We need to go back to regeneration farming with new technologies. Poor diet is one of the main causes of chronic diseases which has grown multiple times over the last 60 years. Forty million North Americans suffer from it – cancer, heart attacks, you name it. You are what you eat rings true more than ever.

So the solutions are far-reaching beyond the hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Wayne Winkler