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LETTER: Island needs green, not clear-cut


I wish to register my concerns regarding the Jordan River solar farm project, where 581 acres of trees are to be cut.

Rather than allow the further desecration of our over-logged forests, especially on Vancouver Island, to concentrate solar power in one area, it would be preferable to help residents install solar panels on their properties to take the burden off the grid and concomitantly lower individual hydro bills.

Removal of more trees is part of the climate change problem, because trees absorb carbon, which are the very emissions being blamed for climate change. Moreover, trees maintain the integrity of the landscape, preventing landslides. Trees also retain water in the ground, preventing evaporation and drought.

Humans have thoughtlessly and continuously clear-cut our forests for so long that our planet lacks natural protection. Trees are being exported for other countries to stockpile when Canadians can no longer afford to build homes. If a solar farm is to be built, it should be on clear-cut lands, of which there are plenty on Vancouver Island.

Lavonne Garnett


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