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LETTER: Problem animals should be added to our menu


Why is it that every time we have an abundance of wild food we get some virtue signaller like Jordan Reichert of some unknown animal alliance group protesting about a cull on an island getting eaten alive where no one lives?

We have an overabundance of deer, seals, and geese that all hinder our ability to live in safety and cleanliness.

Why is it that we think nothing of eating ugly animals such as pigs, cows, or chickens but when something cute gets threatened, we think it’s absurd? Given the cost of food, it’s time for us to expand into eating what has become a problem rather than feeling guilt or remorse because we only see their sad droopy eyes.

Geese defecate so much our water could be threatened, our lakes are unswimmable and school fields occasionally close.

Seals eat their own body weight every 20 days but no one correlates that with missing salmon.

Deer attack us, and our pets, and ruin just about every gardener’s work, not to mention our own crops being grown for food.

It’s time for the “they were here first” crowd to get with the times. Given deer live 5-10 years, geese 10-20, and seals may go 30-40, then I claim the longevity bragging rights, as well as many of our readers’ children.

These all are healthy foods, and all taste good, which is more than I can say for half the restaurants in the CRD.

Stuart Walker

Central Saanich