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‘Overworked’ women can change their reality

Re: Feminism gone too far in Canada (Comment, Feb. 4)

To borrow Erin Cardone’s own words, “my brain went into overdrive” reading her column.

She pulled out every cliché she could find and hung society’s ills at feminism’s door.  Women’s rights as the cause of high divorce rates and single-parent families, feminists as being responsible for all the “overworked...unhappy young women (of) today.” Really?

She claims to be part of that “up-and-coming generation of successful, overwhelmed people” which leads her to “notice the aspects of life where feminism has gone too far.” Need I point out the falliblity of this argument?

As a 43-year-old feminist (and wife and mother) I’ve not rubbed shoulders with the crazed radicals she seems to imagine. I lament that feminism has become the “F” word and that women 20 years younger than myself want to unload their woes and assign blame onto the women who have come before them.

Ms. Cardone, thank your lucky stars that you have the freedoms that you do. And, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the rat race, don’t finger your sisters as the rats – get out of the race, or change it.

Michele Worth