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Pay hikes indicate ‘no recession at city hall’

Victoria city staff pay raises

Your article could have been labelled “How green is my pork barrel?” There is no recession at city hall. After hiring four flacks at a quarter-million dollars, council gives the chief flack a $27,000 raise. That is a hike of $2,250 a month; $520 a week; $74 a day; $3 an hour. Get real.

Then the council porkers dip into the barrel for expenses: $9,000 for John Luton who, just to rub the taxpayers’ noses in it, flippantly says: “I’m the new guy. I’ve got more to learn.” I don’t think there is enough money to cover what he has to learn.

In 2008, Luton and his chums voted themselves a 50-per-cent pay hike to eliminate the one-third tax-free allowance for expenses. They pocket that $13,000 and still charge for expenses.

For this lot, the pork barrel is bottomless.

Patrick Murphy


About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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