Thanks to farmers for living with wildlife

Re: To fight pests, strawberries get armour (News, July 3)

Re: To fight pests, strawberries get armour (News, July 3)

I would like to commend Rob Galey for his innovative approach to the problems  he has been having with deer and geese on his farm.

While other farmers have been complaining loudly to the CRD, refusing to consider fencing and have forced their municipal councils to enact a deer-cull bylaw, Mr. Galey has come up with a solution that not only saves the deer and geese from a cull, but is going to give him a more productive farm operation.

I would also like to commend Dan Ponchet, of Dan’s Market, who has been quoted as saying that he uses fencing and has no problems with deer. Mr. Ponchet is running a very successful farm market on Oldfield Road.

Other deer-friendly farm operations are Madrona Farm, Haliburton Farm Market and Marsh Farm; these farmers are demonstrating that farming and co-habiting with resident deer is possible. I, for one, will be giving my business to these deer-friendly farmers and would encourage others to do the same.

Val Boswell