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Violence against robbers is still violence

Re: Weapons found on break-in suspects (News, Jan. 26)

I noticed you said the “tenant heard noises coming from his neighbour’s suite and went to investigate.” How come a newscast had said that the residence was full of girls and they heard noises, thus she proceeded to call her boyfriend, who grabbed a kitchen knife and then went into investigate?

Quite frankly, the guy that took it upon himself should get charged with assault because it was not his property to protect.

This is nuts. I do not condone the suspects and what they were doing, but the “victim” who everyone is saying is a damn hero, could be some lunatic.

Obviously he wanted blood, and to nearly kill these people is absurd. The girl should have phoned the police. Or do people think they can take matters into their own hands now?

Are the cops not able to do their job anymore? As a resident in the Esquimalt area, I do not feel safe with the guy who went after the suspects on the streets.

Debbie Beech