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Victoria horticultural and compost groups partner for worm poop project

The first 100 groups to book a workshop receive a free worm composter
A centennial worm poop project is happening in collaboration between the Victoria Horticultural Society and the Compost Education Centre. (Pexels)

Victoria Horticultural Society is partnering with the Compost Education Centre for a worm poop project.

The society will donate 100 worm bins to non-profit and educational groups, launching the initiative on Aug. 25 at the Compost Education Centre at 1216 North Park St.

Vermiculture, otherwise known as worm composting, is becoming a common practice and is useful to gardeners with limited growing space and those looking to improve the health of the soil in their gardens.

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This process helps keep the soil fertile and gardeners can aid this by regularly providing the needed nutrients for the soil and the worms who live in and work their magic there.

Victoria Horticulture Society said in a release that gardeners can make their own compost, purchase composted soil, or add natural amendments to aid the specially bred worms known as red wrigglers.

The first 100 groups to book a worm composting workshop from the Compost Education Centre will receive a free worm composter.

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