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After pandemic pause, Sooke choral group making joyful return

It’s time to sing again, says Sooke Community Choir
The Sooke Community Choir is recruiting new members, as well as seeking a new director in anticipation of singing again in 2022. (Contributed - Sooke Community Choir)

The Sooke Community Choir is alive and kicking but has had a rough go due to the COVID pandemic.

“We were ready for a strong spring show in 2020 when COVID hit,” Derek Lewers, Sooke Community Choir president. “It took away the successful momentum that we had been building for years.”

To make matters worse, not being able to perform for audiences meant the main funding for the choir was lost. The choir had to cut expenditures, and the Sooke Community Choir lost both its director and general manager.

“We have had to make some very tough decisions to both protect the financial integrity of the choir, as well as protect the health and safety of the members,” said Lewers.

“Even when we can once again start rehearsing for our next show, we have to be aware of the willingness of audiences to attend during the pandemic. There have been many Sooke residents who have helped build this choir to what it is today and we are not going to give up on that momentum.”

The Sooke Community Choir is recruiting new members for the next session, as well as seeking a new director in anticipation of singing again in 2022.

The choir has made changes to membership as a result of the pandemic.

“We now have a nominal fee that allows you to be a choir member, and separate session fees for those who wish to participate in actual singing in a session. And we welcome anyone who wants to sing; we are not a formal auditioned performance choir,” Lewers said.

For those interested in joining or for more information on the Sooke Community Choir, visit the website or on FaceBook at Sooke Community Choir.

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