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‘Const. Scarecrow’ has got his eye on you, Vancouver Island speeders

Nanaimo RCMP’s cut-out Mountie designed to remain stoic while accompanying Speed Watch volunteers
Nanaimo RCMP say they expect the performance of a cut-out image of a Mountie on Speed Watch operations will be anything but flat when it comes to curbing speeders. (Photo submitted)

Nanaimo RCMP’s newest member of the force can be described as “steely-eyed, consistent, effective, professional” – and two-dimensional.

RCMP issued a press release to advise motorists about their latest addition in their efforts to combat speeding. Const. Scarecrow is now on the job and specially trained or, at least, designed to remain stoic, even when faced with a seemingly endless procession of lead-footed drivers.

Const. Scarecrow is actually a six-foot cut-out image of a genuine Mountie aiming a handheld radar device and wearing his regulation forge cap and yellow reflective jacket.

ICBC provided the cut-out to the RCMP to be used for traffic enforcement. The constable will join Nanaimo RCMP Community Policing volunteers carrying out Speed Watch operations at locations throughout Nanaimo, positioned a short distance after speed boards as a secondary reminder to motorists to slow down.

“When motorists see him, they immediately reduce their speeds which tells us he is an effective deterrent to speeding vehicles,” said Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesman, in the release. “Const. Scarecrow will be used at a number of problematic locations throughout Nanaimo and will be accompanied by Community Policing volunteers. It will certainly be interesting to evaluate the data collected by our volunteers over the next year to see just how effective he is.”

Speed continues to be one of the leading causes of crashes on our streets and highways. Motorists are reminded to slow down, especially in and around school and playgrounds zones.

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