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LETTER: More action needed on climate change

This year, like no other, has terrified me.

This year, like no other, has terrified me.

I am a mother of two small children, and I am worried about whether my children will enjoy a healthy life on this planet.

While still riding another wave of a global pandemic, I can’t help but wonder why our government is not taking immediate and extreme action to curb climate change.

Why survive one disaster, only to launch ourselves into a more bleak and perilous disaster – the wildfires, the extreme storms, the melting ice, the surge in protests, the heatwaves, and dire predictions by our leading climate scientists?

Our government must take extreme action now, or we have no chance of saving our little blue planet. Stop logging, stop fossil fuels and create a new generation of children who see sustainability and environmental awareness as a way of life.

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Kira Decyk


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