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B.C. title fight for Langford kickboxer

Parker Lang went on a date to see Mama Mia at the Caprice movie theatre — and ended up becoming a kickboxer and MMA fighter.
Langford’s Parker Lang is prepping for his first ISKA B.C. title fight. The young MMA and kickboxer is confident he’ll walk away with the belt in the Oct. 15 match at St. Andrew’s high school.

Parker Lang went on a date to see Mama Mia at the Caprice movie theatre — and ended up becoming a kickboxer and MMA fighter.

Three years ago, Lang noticed a karate dojo in the same complex as the movie theatre. “I was there the next day,” Lang said.

While things didn’t work out with the girl, his relationship with marital arts is going strong.

The 21-year-old Langford fighter has stepped into the ring to compete in four MMA bouts and one kickboxing match.

For MMA Lang holds a record of three wins and one loss. His last MMA bout was at Summer Slugfest V, last July, where Lang defeated his opponent with a knockout in the first round.

For kickboxing, Lang won his only fight in September 2009, but on Oct. 15 in Saanich, Lang will compete for the International Sport Kickboxing Association’s light cruiser weight B.C. title. If anything, he is confident.

“I already know that I am that good. I have put the work in, I want validation from the event,” Lang said. “I want everyone to know how good I feel that I am.”

Lang says stepping into the ring is the ultimate adrenaline high — “better than anything.”

“It’s a little scary getting in the ring where the other guy is in there to hurt you, but you forget it because you are in there to hurt him too,” Lang said.

Standing six-foot-four, Lang has a height advantage over most of his opponents. His long arms and legs give him more of a striking reach.

“My reach is a huge advantage,” Lang said. “Not only am I tall but I have exceptionally long arms for my size.”

Lang’s fighting weight is 185 pounds. He’s usually about 205, but with the common practice of cutting weight before a fight, he usually drops 20 pounds.

“If you don’t do it you are going to be fighting a guy 20 pounds heavier than you,” Lang said. “I have never cut more than 20 pounds though.”

Gearing up for this fight, Lang is training with Leigh Mueller at Canada’s Best Karate, as well as at CrossFit Vancouver Island, five days a week.

Lang is fighting at the Hurricane Fight Leauge’s event at St. Andrew’s high school, 880 McKenzie Ave., Oct. 15. Doors open at 6 p.m. and fights start at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30 at the door.