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Belmont basketball stud the league's top scorer despite injury setback

Belmont Bulldogs senior boys basketball captain Chris Lequesne is the top scorer for south Island this season.

Belmont basketball prodigy dominates league in scoring 

Langford’s home-grown basketball powerhouse is Chris Lequesne.

The 17-year-old Belmont Bulldog is the leading scorer for senior boys’ high school basketball for the south Island, even after suffering a serious hand injury.

“It’s good, I think it’s sweet,” said Lequesne humbly.

“He’s going to be a major league player,” said co-coach Kevin Brown “He averages 25 points a game which is very, very high.”

Standing less than six feet tall, the sharp shooter has secured 207 points over the season, more than 50 points higher than the player in the No. 2 spot.

While the quantity of points is an amazing feat in itself, Lequesne could have earned even more if it weren’t for a previous setback.

Early in the season, Lequesne, the team captain, was badly injured while playing dodgeball.

He suffered a compound dislocation of his fingers. The injury was so bad the bone poked out of the skin, Lequesne said.

It took five weeks before Lequesne hit the court again. Because part of his healing time occurred over winter break, he only missed two league games and three weeks of practice.

“My finger is still swollen,” he said. “It still hurt a lot when I started playing again. I had to tape my finger to my other fingers.”

Although the team suffered a setback from Lequesne’s absence, Brown said it was also a blessing in disguise. The other players on the team enhanced their skills because they didn’t have their captain to depend on.

“We all work hard and are hoping to make it the B.C.’s (championship) since it’s my last year (playing high school basketball),” Lequesne said. 

It’s easy to be recognized by what’s up on a scoreboard, but Lequesne has made other impacts on the court this season.

“As an individual he’s made me a much better player. From practising and playing against each other,” said Jordan Fenn, a Bulldog point guard. “On the floor it’s amazing to watch him take control of the game and how he carries himself on the court.”

A sentiment echoed by one of his coaches.

“He’s a hard player, he takes the ball and doesn’t back down,” said co-coach Tom Holmes. “He has all the qualities a coach would ask for. He’s a hard worker, good work ethic and he’s calm and cool. He can shoot a basket that would win or lose a game and you wouldn’t even know it.”

The pointguard has been playing the sport as long as he can remember. Lequesne’s father first introduced him to the game when he was a kid.

With the regular season over and graduation looming, Lequesne is looking into his future.

“I’d like to play basketball in the next level,” he said. “I’ve applied to Camosun (College). If I could play there that would be sweet.”