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Flotilla to Gaza a noble cause

Kevin Neish's mission to Israel is worthy
B.C. VIEWS: A hard look at your choices

B.C. VIEWS: A hard look at your choices

Let’s assume that when everyone in B.C. gets to be finance minister for a day, a majority choose to throw a $3-billion chair through the office window to show how mad they are about the harmonized sales tax. The cleanup will take two years, but first there will be a provincial election to decide who holds the broom and dustpan. And the choices are becoming clear.

HST OP-ED: HST a better long-term choice

Ida Chong weighs in on the HST

Erin Cardone: The value of unions is waning

Following a March column in which I chastized feminism for having taken women’s rights too far in some cases, a reader called me a Southern Albertan Bible-thumper, or something to that effect. She was right, in a small way. I’m actually from central Alberta. The Bible part doesn’t apply to me at all, though.

Our View: Mail-in ballot fails to inspire

The complications surrounding the HST referendum seem to be multiplying. First, a counterintuitive question requires that HST critics voice their opposition by voting “yes.” Next, details of the mail-in ballot reveal a three-envelope process with multi-step instructions. It’s not rocket science, but any barrier to voting should be taken seriously in a province where voter turnout reached a new low of 51 per cent in 2009.

HST OP-ED: Consumers hurt by extra taxes

Carole James weighs in on the HST

Esquimalt taxes affected by outside forces

Student’s story strikes chord with reader

Lessons to learn from European countries

Minimize excess projects to limit tax increases