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Jim Sinclair: Time to swap scenes, hazards

As advanced as we may now be in terms of technological progress, we’ve always had the ability to seek out a better life or, at least, a change. For some of us that means the condo down the hall; for others, a continent on the other side of the globe. For me, it means a promotion to a newspaper in the province next door.

Doctor-assisted suicide not legal after Montana court case

Assisted suicide, Kavorkian

Profit sharing the answer to gov’t overspending

HST, King Louis XIV, B.C., seniors, taxes

Liberals gave away tax-collection power

B.C. HST, taxes, Liberals, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Christy Clark

Our View: Fireworks fun without booze

We think the message has been made loud and clear: If you want to take in the annual display of Canada Day fireworks in Victoria’s Inner Harbour you better plan on being sober.

Shades of grey also exist in choice-homicide debate

Assisted suicide, Kavorkian

Doctor’s experience shows other angle to wishes of death

Assisted suicide, Kavorkian

Senators’ roles show pros of partisanship

Senate, partisan politics, federal campaign

Posties’ strike-lockout a hardship, violation

B.C. Unions, strike, lockout

Dam project brings electricity and jobs

Site C dam, job creation